Synesso News: Welcome to Our New Website! 

At our core, the team at Synesso believes in engineering the best espresso equipment for our coffee colleagues and customers. We take immense pride innovating together with the community who relies on our engineering excellence since 2004 and are thrilled to extend our mission in 2021 by welcoming you to our reengineered digital home!  

Whether you are a first-time visitor or longtime customer of ours, the site redesign improves upon the Synesso many know and love with easier navigation, better functionality, and updated resources for coffee professionals and technical providers. The Resources & Support page, which is home to all our technical assistance, includes a new FAQs section as well as our extensive library of product technical videos and documentation. The Products page makes accessing product information more convenient than ever by streamlining the details that matter most to our customers. For the first time ever (!), we’re introducing a Customize Your Synesso feature enabling anyone to configure the Synesso machine of their dreams. The Company page shares our brand story, significant milestones in our history, and how we came to adopt the Engineering Connection slogan which encapsulates the philosophy of our brand and equipment in the specialty coffee community. Finally, the company Blog page is where you will find deeper discussions and updates we share about our products, partners, and people.

Today, 17 years after Machine #1 was built in Founder Mark Barnett’s garage, we at Synesso are continually humbled by the community who relies on our equipment to achieve their unique coffee vision. To that end, we are so excited to have a new website that better supports our community and opportunities for growth within it. Stay tuned for our next blog articles where we will dive deeper into the “how” and “why” on the new look and feel of Synesso!

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