Synesso How To: Use the MVP Hydra

Introduction to the MVP System

Hi there! My name is Eric, and I am the test lead at Synesso. I want to share some tips with you on how to operate our new MVP line of machines. First, (and probably most important) we have changed the way the groupheads behave. The groupheads now return to the center position when released, as opposed to remaining in whatever position the barista left them. This allows you four (4) possible actions at any time:

  1. A quick press and release which we call a “shift” to the left.
  2. A two and a half second hold and release which we call a “hold” to the left.
  3. The same “shift” to the right. 
  4. The same “hold” to the right.

Now that you have the basics, let us talk about pulling espresso shots! We just put a new bag of coffee in the grinder so we will check the program we’ve been using since last week. I will pack a portafilter basket with coffee, engage and begin the shot by shifting left. As you can see on the shot timer display, we are in MP mode, so the MVP Hydra machine will use the preinfusion and ramp up time settings saved to our current program.

TIP: MP mode still requires you to end the shot manually. Shift to the left to ramp down, then once again to end.

The espresso seems acceptable, but we should still adjust the program for this new roast. We will use M or Manual mode to get a new baseline program. Hold left to cycle through brew modes and release when M appears. In Manual mode, each step of the brew process is controlled by the operator. Shift left to advance to the next brew phase or shift right anytime a shot is brewing to stop it immediately. The next espresso tastes better, so we will save that shot and fine-tune it in the handheld controller. 

To save the last shot you brewed, hold to the right. This is called Save mode. Shift right to change the current program (there are six programs to select from) or shift left to save the parameters of the last shot to the current program. For demonstration purposes we will save into the first program on the second grouphead, but you can save to as many programs on as many groups as you like. To exit Save mode, hold right.

Now that we saved the last espresso shot, we can pick up the handheld controller and fine tune the parameters. We do not need to pull a new perfect shot. We can simply perfect the shot we already saved! Press the Up or Down arrow buttons on the controller to move from screen to screen or press the home button (above the arrows) to return to the temperature overview screen. As you move screens you can see from the first line that we are looking at Group 2, Program 1. To adjust the parameters, press the line button on the left, corresponding to the setting you want to change. The value should start flashing, so press or hold the Up or Down buttons to change the value and then press the line button again to confirm. Press the Down arrow button to move to the next page.

On this next page, you can see the total water counts the flow meter recorded when we brewed the espresso shot. I always recommend adjusting this value to taste as needed. Finally, we can set the ramp down to run once the machine has dispensed a set percentage of the total volume of the espresso shot. This slows extraction at the tail-end of the shot and can strongly influence the taste and feel of an espresso.

Now that all the parameters for the espresso shot have been set the way I want, I will change the mode to VP (hold left to cycle through brew modes and release when VP appears) and have the machine pull the shot from start to finish automatically. Once I engage and begin the shot by shifting left, the machine starts the shot in preinfusion under line pressure. Once our set preinfusion time is over, it moves to the ramping pressure of 7.0 bar, then on to 9.0 bar pump pressure. We set the bypass to 92%, so the bypass system will re-engage at 7.0 bar for the last 8% of the shot. Then once the correct water count has been dispensed, the shot will end. That espresso was the best yet, so we will save it across all three of our groups. Hold right to enter Save mode (make sure the correct program light is lit on each group) then shift left on each group to write the information to the active program locations.

TIP: Remember that you can save the last shot brewed to as many program locations as you want on any grouphead you want.

Finally, I am going to enable a Save Lockout. This will prevent operators from entering Save mode and accidentally saving over our new program. The Save Lockout is on the second level of menus. To get there, start on the temperature overview screen. Now press and hold the home button; with the home button held down press and release the third line button, then release the home button. (Your screen should now show the text ‘LOCKOUT RIGHT HOLD SAVE’.) Now press the second line button to select UNLOCKED and while it is flashing, press either arrow button to lockout Save mode. Press the second line button again to confirm the choice and stop the flashing. Press the Up arrow button (your screen should now show the text ‘RETURN TO OPERATION MODE’) and then the second line button to return to the first level of menus.

TIP: If someone tries to enter Save mode with lockout enabled the shot timers will flash the red error triangle instead.

We hope you enjoy your experience with the MVP Hydra system!

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