Synesso Technical Service: Installing a MVP Hydra with a Line Boost System

First, we will attach our filtered water source (we use a braided hose in the video) to the inlet of the boost pump. Then connect the output line (marked in red) of the boost pump to the inlet of the pressure regulator using the supplied braided hose. You will also connect the steam fill line (marked in pink) to the inlet of the pressure regulator using the supplied braided hose.

Next, attach the outlet of the pressure regulator to the brew pump inlet(s) using the supplied braided hose. Connect the brew pump outlet to the correct brew inlet braided hose on the machine’s pump, making sure to match the zip tie color markers. Turn on the machine power switch but leave the element breaker off.

To program the boost pump, we now need to enter the second level menu on the handheld controller. To accomplish this, press and hold the home (upper right) button, press and release the 4th line (lower left) button, then release the home button to access programming menu level two. Press the down arrow button until the “Line Pressure Boost” screen is shown. Press the 2nd line (upper left) button so the word “Off” is flashing then press the up arrow button; we want to see the boost pump mode change to “Auto”. Press the upper left button again to confirm the selection.

TIP: More information on boost pumps is available in our tech manuals. Visit our Resources & Support page on our website to find them!

Now hold left on the grouphead handle(s) to set the brew group(s) to M or Manual mode, then engage and begin preinfusion by shifting left once on the grouphead. While water is flowing, tighten the screw cap on the pressure regulator until adjustments made on the line boost pump can be seen on the brew pressure gauge. We want to use a flat head screwdriver to set the pressure on the boost pump to show about 70 psi (5.0 bar) on the brew pressure gauge. Loosen the screw cap on the pressure regulator until brew gauge pressure stabilizes at 50 psi.

TIP: Loosen the regulator further for lower pressure preinfusion.

Advance to the full brew phase by shifting left two more times on the grouphead, then adjust the machine’s pump pressure to reach 9.0 bar on the brew pressure gauge. Shift left once more on the grouphead to advance to the final low pressure brew phase. Adjust the bypass pressure of this phase using the valve on the machine’s pump. Once all pressure adjustments are complete, you are done!

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