Synesso Technical Service: How to Drain the Steam Tank

WARNING: The video depicts a service job intended for a trained service technician. Do not attempt this on a hot machine. Failure to turn off machine may result in severe injury! Unplug your machine before removing any body panels. Failure to cut power to the machine may result in high voltage shock or other severe injury! Any users performing this service should exercise extreme caution. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact your distributor, a service professional, or Synesso, Inc.

The first step to draining your steam tank is to turn off the machine, including both the element breaker and power switch. Pull both steam handles forward to dump all steam pressure entirely from the steam wands. Once the steam pressure gauge reaches zero, you will remove the right-hand side panel of the machine to gain access to the sight glass assembly. Using an adjustable wrench, remove the drain cap at the bottom of the sight glass assembly then turn the valve stem 90° to begin draining water.

TIP: The drain cap acts as a safety device; it is not tight enough to seal off the water, the valve is what holds the water in.

TIP: If the vacuum breaker is not down at this point, push it to make sure it goes down. It is possible that it is stuck up with just a little bit of moisture or calcium inside. This will make your tank drain much faster.

TIP: The tank can drain even faster yet if the steam valve is opened (steam handles pulled forward) because it increases the air able to flow in and push the water out.

Once the tank is drained, turn the valve stem back to the off position. Screw the drain cap back on and tighten a little past finger-tight so that it does not come loose. Next you will turn on the power switch only (no element breaker at this time); in five seconds you will hear the beep for the low water alarm and then the autofill will begin. The water should fill to the halfway point on the sight glass gauge and when the water touches the fill level probe inside the steam tank, it will stop.

TIP: The solenoid switch light is on when the steam tank fills and will turn off when complete.

TIP: If you have a calcified fill level probe (your steam tank may potentially fill extra full) you may have to replace a level probe at that time. If it fills to the right level, then there is no need to worry about the probe.

Now simply turn the element breaker back on and install the right-hand side panel, then you are done!

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