Synesso Technical Service: Descaling Heat Exchangers

WARNING: The video depicts a service job intended for a trained service technician. Do not attempt this on a hot machine. Failure to turn off machine may result in severe injury! Unplug your machine before removing any body panels. Failure to cut power to the machine may result in high voltage shock or other severe injury! Any users performing this service should exercise extreme caution. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact your distributor, a service professional, or Synesso, Inc.

Tools Required:

  • 9/16”, 5/8”, or adjustable wrenches
  • 9/16” or 1/2” socket ratchet (fittings vary)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Rubber tubing (to act as drain hoses)
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Red Loctite
  • Food safe descaling mix (usually citric acid powder)
  • Clean bucket

First, turn off element breaker and shut off water supply. Activate your brew group(s) in preinfusion until the brew pressure gauge reads zero; then, turn off the main power switch on your machine. Remove the left side panel, then mix the descaling solution and warm water in a clean bucket.

Use the wrench and ratchet to remove the copper inlet tubes and fittings from the steam tank heat exchangers, revealing the white detuning tubes. Remove them using needle nose pliers. Attach the rubber tubing/drain hoses to the heat exchangers and route the tubes to the bucket. You will also disconnect the braided hoses from your water filter or pressure regulator and place them in the bucket.

Next, turn on the power switch on your machine and activate the brew group(s) at pump pressure to pass the descaling mix through the heat exchangers. Lower the brew tank(s) set temperature point in the handheld controller until they read “OFF.” Lower the steam tank set point to 200° Fahrenheit, then turn element breaker back on. Allow the pump to cycle descaling mix through the heat exchangers for 30 minutes or as indicated on the descaling product label.

TIP: The brew group may stop running after five minutes. Turn the brew group(s) off and back on again to continue.

After 30 minutes have elapsed, turn off the element breaker and main power switch on your machine. Reattach the braided hoses to your water filter or pressure regulator; the connections should be hand-tight plus a ¼ turn with a 5/8” wrench. Turn on the water supply and rinse the heat exchangers thoroughly, then turn water supply off again.

Next, we will remove the rubber tubing and reinstall the detuning tubes. Apply Red Loctite to the (dry) heat exchanger threads, then use the ratchet to reattach the fittings. Lubricate the flare fittings with a thin film of food grade grease, then reattach the copper inlet tubes with a wrench.

TIP: If the heat exchanger tubes flex, use a second wrench to stabilize the tubes.

Next, we will activate the brew group(s) in preinfusion until air is purged from the groups. Return to the handheld controller and readjust the brew and steam tank set temperature points (the factory default is 203° F and 250° F respectively). Replace the left side panel, then you are done!

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