Synesso Technical Service: Adjusting MVP Steam Handles

Tools Required:

  • Two 7/16” wrenches
  • 9/16” wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Food grade lubricant 
  • Blue Loctite
  • Teflon O-ring (Synesso part no. 1.4622)

The first step is to loosen (do not remove) the 9/16” bolts on both sides of the machine and remove all flat head screws along the lower edge of the upper front panel. Pull up the front cup grate and remove the rear screws of the upper front panel (both sides). Lift the upper front panel from the rear over the steam wand nuts and pull forward to clear all pressure gauges; once all gauges are clear of panel cutouts, lift the upper front panel off and set it on the rear cup grate.

From the interior of the machine, remove both retaining nuts and large washer, then slide the steam handle assembly out of the side panel. Set aside the small washers and discard the old Teflon O-ring from the steam hub, then install a new Teflon O-ring together with the small washers. 

TIP: Lubricate the steam valve pusher ramp with a thin film of food grade grease. In the factory, we use a synthetic grease made by SuperLube which is NSF approved and rated for 232° Celsius.

Now reinstall the steam handle assembly together with the large washer and only one retaining nut (apply this loosely for now). Tighten the 9/16” bolts on the side panel(s), then slowly start tightening the retaining nut. Pull the steam handle forward between adjustments to check the range of motion. You will want to allow some travel near the handle “off” position before steam starts. The steam flow should max out before the full “on” position is reached. Once you are happy with your adjustment, apply Blue Loctite and the second retaining nut.

TIP: To tighten the second nut, use a second wrench to prevent the first retaining nut from moving.

Now that you made your adjustment, carefully replace the upper front panel and screws, making sure not to damage the pressure gauges, shot timers, or steam wand nuts. All done!

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