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Synesso has a list of qualified service technicians in most parts of the United States and internationally. Please give us a call at 206.764.0600 or email technical support and we will help find someone in your region to get your Synesso serviced.


If you purchased your machine from one of our Distributor partners, please contact them directly as they may have parts on hand in their local inventory.

If you purchased the machine direct from Synesso, we can help you order parts. Please submit your parts order on the Contact Us>Service & Support page.

Please call the technical support line and we will help you identify the parts numbers you need. Once the numbers have been established, we will guide you to the parts department to get your order started.


All Synesso machines carry a limited 2 year warranty. Please see our owner’s manual or call technical support with your serial number to verify coverage. We will help determine if your machine is currently under warranty.

Serial Number

The serial number tag for Cyncra, Hydra, and MVP series machines can be located by removing the drain pan. The serial tag is on the left side of the machine on the inside of the frame. S-series machines have a serial tag located on the back of the handheld controller.

Machine Age

The machine manufacture date is imbedded in the serial number. All Synesso machines start the serial number with the number of groups, the date, and the machine number. An example of this would be 212184835. This machine is a 2 group machine. The date this machine was manufactured was in December of 2018. The machine number is 4835.


Synesso does not recommend a specific water filtration system as water quality varies in every region. We recommend having your water tested by a professional water filtration specialist to determine the proper filtration needed. Please see the water quality standards in the owners and technical manual for specific information to uphold the machine warranty.

Error Codes

An error code that shows in the bottom right corner of the hand held controller is the last code that was triggered. This code will not go away until cleared in the 2nd level of programming. Please consult your manual for a list of error codes and their causes.

Steam Pressure Issues

If your machine is MVP, MVP Hydra, or Cyncra, check that the heating element breaker next to the red power switch is pushed to the left. This is located under the machine and if it was turned off all heating in the machine will stop. If it is pushed to the right, reset by pushing left and give the machine a few minutes to reheat. If the breaker is in the correct position and the temperature continues to drop, call your service technician or Synesso technical support.

There are several reasons one steam wand could have higher pressure:

→ It is possible to have two different style steam tips resulting in pressure differences.

→ Steam tips need to be cleaned. If the tips get clogged with old milk or minerals, the steam pressure will be lower.

→ The steam actuator needs to be calibrated.

→ The steam valve may need to be opened and cleaned.

→ Mineral build up in the tubes or the fittings that feed the steam valve could be causing a restriction. These may need to be cleaned out by your service technician.

Water Flow

With pump pressure, you should be able to yield 2 ounces of water in 6- 8 seconds. If it is outside of these parameters, you may have a restriction in the ruby jet in the brew valve or the heat exchange tube to the affected boiler.

We recommend running a 2nd rinse cycle after the initial cleaning cycle with backflush powder. If the backflush powder is not thoroughly rinsed, the result can be a brew valve getting stuck. Often, running another backflush cycle will help break up any residual cleaning powder and the group will be back to normal. We also recommend cleaning with shower screens in place.

The factory setting for pump pressure is 9 bar.


Synesso does offer training classes for service technicians. Currently, due to the pandemic, in person training sessions are on hold. Please contact for more information regarding future sessions.