Synesso News: Introduction to the S-Series Features and Benefits

Let us dive in and check out what these new machines offer! 

We approached the new S200 and S300 starting with a conversation about how to create a different designed machine that was more accessible in price point and to a barista stepping up to the machine. The S-Series is all about achieving a more accessible and easier interface at a lower price point to reach a larger audience of coffee professionals. To that end, the S200 and S300 are volumetric machines that allow for two programs per grouphead, and you can access these programs by tapping left or right on the grouphead actuator. You will see a 1 or 2 pop up automatically on the timer display indicating the selected program; however, you can interrupt these programs at any time by actuating the grouphead once more. Each program also allows for an adjustable duration of line pressure preinfusion!

Something new we brought to the table is the purge button. Each brew group has an arcade-style button that activates full pump pressure (9.0 bar) to purge the group of leftover coffee grounds or oils. We set this at the factory to three and a half seconds, which is perfect for a barista to prepare their next espresso and have their machine ready to go.

The drain tray has also been slightly redesigned; there are now three height positions so you can adjust the height to your preference. This is very convenient for customers with taller beverage options.

A key accessibility difference is the design of the machine; you can see the S200 and S300 sit at a lower profile than our other models. The design allows us to get a better interface and be more accessible to our customers. If you want, you can make your machine even shorter by removing the optional skirt plates, allowing you to lower the S200 or S300 into your countertop. The other accessibility change is the new design on our steam valves. Here, we have a paddle on a swivel that allows the barista to open or close the steam from the outside or inside by twisting the paddle 180° in either direction. A barista can also easily open the valve partway to variably adjust the steam output.

Some other features are inherited directly from the Synesso MVP series; this includes independent brew groups, a handheld controller, cool touch steam wands, and detailed shot timer displays. The S200 and S300 also share hot water mixing valves, which allow us to set the temperature of the water dispensed from the hot water wand. (You can program the water dispensing time in the controller.) So, you can set a time that is equal to the volume you want to dispense out and you are good to go for bar flow.

The S-Series come as stock standard in either all black or all white panels. We can also do custom work for your S200 or S300 which means just like the rest of our models, you can choose to powdercoat your machine with any RAL coloring. (It is a one-color only customization, which means all panels will be that same custom RAL color.) You can also customize the stock accents/handles from our wood package options!

The handheld controller is unique to Synesso equipment and offers powerful and flexible programming. The first screen you see when you first walk up to the controller is our temperature overview; it is giving us real-time temperature data for each brew tank as well as the steam tank temperature. Press the down arrow to reveal the set point brew temperatures which are easily adjusted with the corresponding line buttons. Press the down arrow again to view the universal programs screen, which displays the preinfusion and water flow count for program one (tap left on the grouphead) and program two (tap right on the grouphead). Press the down arrow again to review the steam tank set point temperature and programmed hot water tap (you can select and adjust each value). Press down again to see the set purge button time, then press down once more for access to the auto backflush program (this feature is found on all Synesso models).

TIP: You can program the display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius in the second level programming menu.

TIP: You can change from Universal to Individual program mode in the second level programming menu, enabling different programs one and two unique to each grouphead (for a total of four program settings).

We are so excited to bring the S200 and S300 to your markets, and we would love to hear your feedback too!

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