No Compromises, All Synesso

Meet the Synesso ES1

We’re happy to reveal our new premium home espresso machine, the ES1. Built by the expert Synesso team for the home Barista in search of the very best, this espresso machine has been methodically designed and engineered using newly-developed, patent-pending technology to deliver pro-level performance and features at home or in mobile settings.

Many years in the making, the ES1 is labor of love thoughtfully created and engineered just as any other Synesso. No compromises, shortcuts, or distracting gimmicks, just the performance, features, and quality you’ve come to know from Synesso.

While details and pricing are to come soon, we’re excited to share high-level features and capabilities with you today. Until then, thanks for being serious about your coffee and a fan of Synesso.

Key Features

Multiple-years in development, the ES1 cracks the engineering code on extreme temperature precision for the home or mobile Barista using low voltage! This has been long-attempted by other products, but never fully achieved.  Essentially, this is Synesso MVP Hydra-level temperature-stability, extraction precision, and high-volume repeatability for the home or lite-commercial settings.

We use premium, pro-grade stainless steel brew and steam tanks, a specially-designed super heat-exchange coil, plus dynamic proportional valves to combine water paths and adjust heat precision 10-times per second using proprietary, patent-pending logic technology.  All together, this allows simultaneously coffee brewing and steaming with Synesso-level commercial temperature stability using residential 110v power. It’s newly invented, it’s unique, and we think you’ll love it!

This is Synesso innovation, engineering and quality in action!

Further enhanced Manual Volumetric Programming (MVP) tech found on our commercial machines is brought to the home allowing tight-tolerance control over extraction pressure, water flow and volume.

Easily control extraction pre-infusion, infusion, and ramp-down pressures with smooth pressure ramps between each stage and use the on-board pressure/flow graphing to dive deep in to your extractions. And as always with Synesso, then save and repeat your recipes again and again, no matter the volume of demand. No lag here!

Commercial-quality, experimentation-ready pressure control at home.

Experiment, learn, and engineer your coffee as you like it.

Extract shots manually, view graphed pressure/flow data, make tweaks, and document notes as needed. Then save and repeat just like the pros do or come back any time to make tweaks to your liking.

Also, similar to viewing your web-browser history, you can view both saved recipes AND all historical shot data (even if unsaved) any time. So if motivation strikes to go back in time to capture your great shot or adjust one, you can.

Whether you need test/record ability for sample roasting, dozens of Americanos for the weekend brunch at the lake, or hundreds of lattes for your coffee-cart morning rush, the ES1 can do it all.

No matter the setup, the ES1 is ready! 

Synesso’s loved and proven hands-on coffee brewing manual controls live on in the ES1 while a detailed touch screen offers-up nitty-gritty details and functionality control modern Baristas demand.

We believe in a highly-engineered sweet-spot between analog and digital coffee-making control where manual engagement + electronic settings can elevate the experience without becoming boring or overly cumbersome for daily use. We don’t feel you should need a Smartphone to brew coffee!

Coffee-making can still be fun.

Tea deserves the same precision as espresso extraction and the ES1 delivers.

Save tea-profiles based on temperature and dispense-volume for unique tea and other beverage needs.  The same temperature stability enjoyed at the group-head applies to the tea-spout with settings and precision between 165F-205F.

Goodbye tea-kettle. Hello Matcha lattes!

You don’t have to choose a machine model based on automatic or manual abilities. 

Control your pressure ramps manually OR set to auto-volumetric to let the ES1 proprietary technology extract it perfectly every time.

You do you.

Family kitchen, roasting lab bar-top, corner mini cafĂ©, mobile coffee-cart…you name it…the ES1 fits it.

Enjoy the BPA-free, easy-access, front-facing water reservoir OR use the plumbed-in option. Going mobile? Just drop the water line in to a water source and off you go! The ES1 creates its own water-line pressure so no need for complicated external solutions when going mobile. 

Water the way it should be: precise and simple. 

We’ve developed our logic, firmware, software, and UI internally for a machine then blends the mechanics of coffee-making with great software. No 3rd-party bolt-on software or control issues here!

This means the ES1 is future-feature ready with a host of capabilities to come for users. While we’re not ready to share more features now, know that if you can dream it, the ES1 is built from the ground up to do it!

Solid engineering meets future-ready architecture

The Synesso design philosophy also applies to software. Clean, simple, and to-the-point with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enjoy an interface with parameters, extraction histories, pressure graphs, and helpful touches that make using the ES1 a joy. No gimmicks, just what you need done well.

Newly developed Synesso REACT technology allows for automatic pre-infusion. 


  • Cool-touch steam wands Synesso commercial steam valve
  • Actively heated group head 
  • Premium quality commercial components
  • Future-ready software capable
  • New design Synesso portafilters
  • Heavy-duty exterior powder coating
  • Front-facing water reservoir access
  • Energy save and wake-up timing modes
  • 22″ X 17″ X 17.5″ (56cm X 43cm X 44cm)
  • 120volt, 15amp, single-phase, U.S.A. plug
  • 220volt, 10amp, single-phase, Country-specific plug
  • 80lbs (36kg) 
  • Internal commercial rotary vane pump
  • 3-liter water reservoir (polypropylene)
  • Boiler material: 304L Stainless Steel
  • Brew head material: lead-free brass
  • Tubing material: PFA Teflon & Copper
  • Various other components: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • Launch colors: Black/White/Blue/Red