Built for those in search of the very best, the ES.1 brings Synesso creative control and temperature stability home.


We pioneered it

ES.1 delivers. With a fuzzy logic control system, our patent pending valve matrix measures temperature, flow rate, and pressure 10 times per second and adjusts the valves accordingly, allowing tight-tolerance control over extraction pressure, temperature, water flow, and volume.

State of the art user experience

Use it your way. Extract shots manually with our paddle actuator or use the touchscreen to deploy your own tried and true recipe. View graphed pressure & flow data, make tweaks, and adjust as needed.

Commercial stability in a home environment

Plug it in and go. Thanks to our valve matrix, the ES.1 eliminates the spikes in power usually associated with maintaining temperature and pressure in a machine this robust and stable.

Easy fill reservoir

No need to remove any parts. Access to the water reservoir is located on the top left of the machine where it’s easy to get to.

Built to last a lifetime

From the stainless steel boilers, to the updatable software platform, to the timeless design – the ES.1 is your new family heirloom.


Synesso was founded by experienced engineers and coffee experts. It remains core to our DNA and sets us apart in the industry. As such, it’s only natural that our new ES.1 was conceived by, engineered, and built by one of Synesso’s founding team members, Research and Development Engineer Eric Schaefer. 

Mentored and taught by Synesso founder Mark Barnett, Eric embodies what makes Synesso…Synesso. True attention to detail, subject matter expertise, ruthless focus on performance and practical solutions that deliver Synesso’s famously tough and reliable equipment. As we say here: no fuss, no gimmicks, just advanced, but common sense engineering and design that owners can trust to perform year after year. A feat that’s still not common in our industry. 


Performance traditionally only available in high-end commercial settings is now available everywhere!

Traditionally, pro-level features were not physically possible without commercial 220v power and particular mechanical components, but the ES.1 uses newly-invented, novel technology that allows it to deliver premium performance and functions using residential power. This sounds simple, but it’s taken years of research, developments and engineering patents to finally deliver a product that’s truly special. 





Family kitchen, roasting lab bar-top, corner mini café, mobile coffee-cart…you name it…the ES.1 fits it.

Enjoy the BPA-free, easy-access, front-facing water reservoir OR use the plumbed-in option. Going mobile? Just drop the water line in to a water source and off you go! The ES.1 creates its own water-line pressure so no need for complicated external solutions when going mobile. 

Water the way it should be: flexible and simple.

We’ve developed our logic, firmware, software, and UI internally for a machine then blends the mechanics of coffee-making with great software. No 3rd-party bolt-on software or control issues here!

This means the ES.1 is future-feature ready with a host of capabilities to come for users. While we’re not ready to share more features now, know that if you can dream it, the ES.1 is built from the ground up to do it!

Solid engineering meets future-ready architecture

The Synesso design philosophy also applies to software. Clean, simple, and to-the-point with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enjoy an interface with parameters, extraction histories, pressure graphs, and helpful touches that make using the ES.1 a joy. 

No gimmicks, just what you need done well.

Tea deserves the same precision as espresso extraction and the ES.1 delivers.

Save tea-profiles based on temperature and dispense-volume for unique tea and other beverage needs.  The same temperature stability enjoyed at the group-head applies to the tea-spout with settings and precision between 165F-205F.

Goodbye tea-kettle. Hello Matcha lattes!

You don’t have to choose a machine model based on automatic or manual abilities. 

Control your pressure ramps manually OR set to auto-volumetric to let the ES.1 proprietary technology extract it perfectly every time.

You do you.

  • Cool-touch steam wands Synesso commercial steam valve
  • Actively heated group head 
  • Premium quality commercial components
  • Commercial-spec rotary vane pump
  • Future-ready software capable
  • New design Synesso portafilters
  • Heavy-duty exterior powder coating
  • Front-facing water reservoir access
  • Energy save and wake-up timing modes
  • Plumbed or non-plumbed options



  • 22″ X 17″ X 17.5″ (56cm X 43cm X 44cm)
  • 120volt, 15amp, single-phase, U.S.A. plug
  • 220volt, 10amp, single-phase, Country-specific plug
  • 80lbs (36kg) 
  • Internal commercial rotary vane pump
  • 3-liter water reservoir (polypropylene)
  • Boiler material: 304L Stainless Steel
  • Brew head material: lead-free brass
  • Tubing material: PFA Teflon & Copper
  • Various other components: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • Launch colors: Black/White/Blue/Red

See The ES.1

The ES.1 was professionally designed by an award-winning Industrial Designer. From the beginning, our goal was to produce a clean-lined, subtly elegant product that, like our commercial units, compliments an owners space while not being too distracting or flashy. We



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Our prime goal is to make the best, most durable, most serviceable, and most satisfying to use espresso machines available. But sometimes less than perfect things happen.

If you run into any problems, please contact us

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Warranty Information:

Synesso and/or your distributor warrants to the original purchaser that Synesso espresso machines are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for the period commencing upon the date of shipping and continuing for 13 months from the original date of shipment. Synesso will make a good faith effort for prompt correction or other adjustments with respect to any non-wearing part that proves to be defective within the limited warranty period. The limited warranty is conditional upon the purchaser’s proper use of the machine. The limited warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, shipping damage, neglect, unusual physical, electrical, or electromechanical stress, unauthorized customer modifications, or improper water filtration.

In order to get the best performance and longevity out or you ES.1, we STRONGLY recommend:

Get a qualified Synesso Technician to complete the annual Preventative Maintenance Guide and Checklist.

Use water that meets or water quality standards.

Performing regular maintenance and service. 

Did we mention how incredibly important water quality is?

Water Quality Standards for the ES.1. Using water that complies with the water quality standards listed below will help increase the longevity of your ES.1 as well as help ensure your coffee tastes great. Failure to adhere to the listed water quality standards will void the warranty of this machine.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 30 – 200 ppm (parts per million)
Total Hardness – in ppm 50 – 85 ppm
Total Hardness – in grains 3 – 5 grains (divide ppm by 17.1 to get grains)
pH 6.5 pH – 8 pH
Chloride 5 – 15 ppm (any Chlorides can be corrosive and harmful)
Total Alkalinity Less than 100 ppm
Chlorine 0 ppm
Iron 0 ppm

We ship the ES.1 via AIT Freight. Once and order is placed, an AIT agent will reach out to you to schedule a delivery window. Note that you will need to be home to receive the shipment.

We offer three levels of service for delivery. Below is a brief description of the three service levels your client can choose from and what is provided with these services:

Threshold 7 day
Appointment Scheduled
Liftgate Provided.
Single driver
Delivery taken to first inside wall of residence
Room of Choice
Appointment Scheduled
Liftgate Provided
2 drivers
Delivery brought inside to the room of choice
White Glove
Appointment Scheduled
Liftgate Provided
2 Drivers
Delivery brought inside to room of choice
Packaging removed and debris taken away
Note: this does not include plugging in and any assembly.