St. Clare Coffee

Hopefully, you have heard and partaken of St. Frank Coffee in San Francisco.  If not, you should seek them out.  The café is a sublime space, and the coffee is delicious.  Above all, St. Frank is dedicated to using its venue to connect to the community- from farmers to consumers.

Our business is to offer an excellent product with a service that does justice to the people behind it and the people who enjoy it.  We want to serve you a sensory experience rich and full of connection to the world around us.  We want to bring this experience and connection to new communities of consumers, but also to new communities of producers.”

Nowhere are these deep values more evident than at the new offshoot, St. Clare Coffee.  Owner Kevin Bohlin is expanding the coffee offerings and practices to reach a mainstream audience. Further, St. Clare is partnering with Bay Area non- profit Not for Sale, whose aim is to “…protect people and communities around the world from modern-day slavery and human trafficking.” Through developmental coffee work in Thailand, St. Clare will work with producers there create regional blends that can be included in its more accessible coffee program.  This work will in turn bolster the education efforts already in play there via NfS. In the big picture, St. Clare hopes to assist “some of the world’s most at-risk communities for human trafficking…” Additionally, Bohlin and staff are working with trafficking survivors in the Bay Area, providing barista training, and a way back to a sense of safe community.  As the St. Clare coffee program expands into wholesale, its investment to the related groups will have space and resources with which to expand in turn.

Synesso is proud to call St. Clare, St. Frank, and Mr. Bohlin partners.  You can support these altruistic efforts by supporting the businesses through beverage or whole bean purchases.

You can also find more detail in a fantastic story featured on Sprudge, by Noah Sanders: