Here is the back story on the latest cafe opening by our fabulous  partners at Barrington Coffee

CONGRATULATIONS to them on their continued success!

From a announcement they released on January 20, 2015….

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Ringing in 2015 with a new coffee shop in Boston

We are excited to announce that we have just opened our second Boston cafe, this one in Boston’s Back Bay Neighborhood. Located at 303 Newbury St. on the mile long stretch of historic 19th century brownstones and boutique shopping, you will find our cozy shop tucked just below street level and filled with sunlight. We are right on the corner of Hereford and Newbury with an inviting brick patio and lots of seats out front. Please come visit us.  At each of our our cafes, our goal is to create an inviting atmosphere where you can engage with our coffees as they are handcrafted by our passionate baristas. A space you can visit anytime where the aromas, flavors and sensory experiences of our coffees infuse and refresh your day.

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A Unique Cafe Experience

One of the ways our Newbury Street shop creates a unique cafe experience is that we offer single origin coffee programs through each of the methods we use to prepare your coffee. Our focus is on highlighting distinct flavor profiles from specific farms and community farming cooperatives. Each day we brew a lineup of drip coffees through our Fetco Extractor served both hot and flash brew iced. We also offer a broad and ever changing menu of farm direct coffees through our Steampunk MOD 4.1. And we always have a spotlight on at least one single origin espresso alongside our flagship Barrington Gold and Water Process Decaf Barrington Gold. All prepared through our super mod three group Synesso Hydra 3 espresso machine. We strive to share an unparalleled sensory experience in the cup that speaks of the rich history and hard work behind each of the farming projects that we partner with. The relationships we have with our farm partners develop with each year’s harvest. In some cases our relationships span generations even before we founded Barrington Coffee in ‘93. Without our farmers, none of what we do would be possible. 

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The Steampunk MOD 4.1

The Steampunk MOD 4.1 looks straight out of Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory. Its glass crucibles stand at the ready to transform and revive even the most soporific of souls. With the Steampunk, you can explore our menu as deeply as you endeavor by tasting a multitude of coffee offerings on any given day. And while your coffee is brewing, you get to engage with the absolutely fascinating visual process inside the Steampunk crucibles. The Steampunk allows us to custom craft each cup of coffee we serve, one cup at a time. And based upon our refinements with the process, we have been able to reduce preparation time to less than three minutes from start to finish. This is revolutionary when compared to pour over or press methods which invariably require closer to five minutes when executed proficiently. And then there is repeatability. For each cup of Steampunk coffee, our baristas set specific brewing parameters including coffee weight, coffee particulate size, water volume, water temperature, bloom time, agitation, total contact time, and degree of particulate filtration. By logging this information into a fully integrated Nexus 7 Tablet, we are able to ensure the most repeatable and complete flavor extraction every time. Our Steampunk is the first and only of its kind in Boston.

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The Synesso Hydra 3

At 303 Newbury Street, you can’t help but notice that our espresso lineup on bar features a familiar Synesso Hydra 3 flanked by four Anfim Super Caimano Barista grinders. Just as at Fort Point, we have installed a 3 group machine which allows us to both temperature and pressure profile each espresso that we prepare. Your barista sets different temperatures and pressures to optimize extraction for each coffee profile. This level of control not only helps us to be super consistent with shot quality, but it also helps us to be more efficient.

Born in the USA

All of our brewing equipment is hand crafted in America. Our Fetco Extractor drip brewer comes from Lake Zurich, Illinois. We have worked with Fetco since we started roasting coffee in 1993. Barrington Coffee was among a small test group of adopters of the Extractor series brewers before their inception. The new school Steampunk is from Salt Lake City, Utah. We jumped on board with these radical innovators last year at the 2014 SCAA Conference. There is no looking back. Synesso espresso machines are keenly crafted in the West Coast coffee mecca of Seattle, Washington by the inimitable engineering wizard Mark Barnett. Barrington Coffee brought the first commercial Synesso espresso machines to New England back in 2005.

For more information about anything that we have going on at 303 Newbury Street, please contact Erin Miller, Director of Wholesale,